Sharon Simmons


Sharon Simmons is living proof that it’s never too late to not only chase your dreams, but to reinvent yourself time and time again.

After the age of 50, she got her master’s degree, became an author, actress and fitness professional.

And, at the age of 55, the grandmother of two made headlines around the world when she tried out for the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

She explains the complete transformation she went through when she hit 49 and the one moment that propelled her to try something big and bold.

When it came time to try out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, she says it never even entered her mind that she might be the oldest cheerleader in the world. She explains why the process and the journey were so much more important.

Find out how her experiences have changed the way she looks at life after 50 and the message she hopes others take from her example.

Plus, the now 57-year-old reveals the high-speed dreams she’s currently chasing.

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