Mee Tracy McCormick


Mee Tracy McCormick is one of the 55 million Americans who suffer from an autoimmune disease. She was in a health crisis with hereditary Crohn’s disease and debilitating daily pain that made it difficult to eat. 

She was weak and an unhealthy 96 pounds, suffering from multiple medical conditions. She feared the treatments might kill her before they cured her.

She turned her kitchen into a laboratory and transformed herself into one of the world’s top autoimmune cooking experts and the author of “My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out of Chronic Autoimmune Disease and Prevented Cancer With Whole Foods and Healing Recipe.”

Mee describes how her experiences watching her mother slowly bleed to death from her Crohn’s disease influenced how she reacted to the disease herself as an adult and why she didn’t want her child to witness what she saw. 

She explains how difficult it was for her doctors to “fix” her and why she decided to instead focus on her role in her health, starting with every piece of food she was putting in her mouth. Find out she changed her entire relationship with food and how it was inspired by thousands of years of traditions. 

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