Thelma Reese


A woman turning 65 today is healthier, more physically active, better educated and more restless than ever. Today’s 65-year-olds have a life expectancy of 20 more years. With all that time, it has many asking the question: how can I make the most of my life? 

Thelma Reese has a pretty good idea. She’s one of the founders of the website, and along with Barbara Fleisher, she has written a book called “The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years Beyond Midlife.”

The now-80-year-old explains how women her age are serving as role models to women younger than them and proving how much vibrancy and joy is still ahead and possible. 

She describes how different things were for women in past generations and why it’s so important to find and highlight these new models. 

Thelma also debunks the myth that older people don’t enjoy technology and learning new things. 

It’s a fascinating talk with a one of the women on the forefront of changing the way our culture views aging