Lisa Lynn


Lisa Lynn is a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert who specializes in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. She is Dr. Oz’s go-to expert and was Martha Stewart’s personal trainer for 13 years. 

Her take on losing weight is very different and it’s changing the lives of people who’ve tried every diet and every gimmick going until they’ve just given up. 

Lisa gets why some people can’t lose weight. It starts with motivation and she says she’s discovered how to trigger it. She believes she can light the spark in anyone and get healthy, transformative results.  

Lisa says her tips are culled from years of personal experience. She was the person who tried every single diet, was 40 pounds overweight and just could not lose weight. Exercise consumed her life, she was a vegetarian and thought she was doing everything “right.” 

Find out where you should start to begin moving toward your new life. She has some tips that might sense and some that you’re going to shake your head at when you first hear them, like getting rid of coffee from your diet. But let her explain how that one cup of coffee just might be sabotaging your entire day. 

Lisa explains how the thyroid plays a role in your health and weight and how you can do things that boost the thyroid. 

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