Nolan Bushnell


When Steve Jobs died, it was as if the whole world took a timeout to reflect on what we lost.
As humans, we’re in awe of visionaries; people who know the value of being able to see what is not there and make it exist.

One of those people, a man who has helped us all imagine the possibilities of mankind, is still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — 40 years after he changed the world.

In 1972, Nolan Bushnell helped create Atari, the very first gaming system. He gave Steve Jobs his very first job and paved the way for Apple and every other Silicon Valley company that followed.

He has since started more than 20 businesses and he’s still working on inventions and ideas that will change the way we live.

His life story is so fascinating that Universal Pictures plans to make a movie about his life and Leonardo DiCaprio has been cast to play Nolan. Nolan updates us on the film’s progress.

He explains the early days of gaming, including how he invented the revolutionary game Pong. Where does he get his ideas? Nolan says the key is to read science fiction novels as a potential history book. For example, he names a 30-year-old book that perfectly describes the iPad.

Find out what he thinks the next big technological breakthrough will be and why, at nearly 70, he still looks at the world with 14-year-old eyes.

He also reveals his next exciting project, which is designed to combat the effects of the aging process on our brains through brain games. Find out why these games are so crucial to our brain health.

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