Barbara Hannah Grufferman


Barbara Hannah Grufferman is an expert on being fit and fabulous after 50.

She’s the author of “The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Healthy, Money and More,” a featured blogger on The Huffington Post, and she’s appeared on Good Morning America, Today, NPR, Dr. Oz and Growing Bolder!

Barbara speaks about the possibilities and opportunities that come with age and the biggest fears facing women over 50.

She says many women share the same fear — that will they will start to feel invisible as they grow older. She explains why women should feel empowered, not afraid.

Plus, she explains how rejuvenating it can be to start cutting back on the “stuff” in your life (including some old relationships and obligations) that is no longer meaningful to you. She says this will give you the space in your life to take on things that are more important to you at this phase.

Barbara also reveals her surprising views on plastic surgery and how she shaved one hour off her marathon time between her first marathon in 2003 at the age of 47 and the 2011 New York City Marathon.

Barbara will be a regular contributor to the new season of Growing Bolder, appearing on public television stations across the country. Click here to watch some of her segments.

And to join Barbara’s fascinating conversations with her fans (many of which inspire her Huffington Post blogs), click here to visit her Facebook page. She also blogs on her website,