Pat Williams


Pat Williams is a force to be reckoned with. 

He is responsible for bringing an NBA team to Orlando, but it’s off the court that he has truly changed the lives of thousands.

Some of the most important lives he’s changed are those of his 19 children, including the 14 kids he and his wife, Ruth, adopted from overseas.

He’s also a motivational speaker, the author of 42 books, a former NBA general manager (he drafted Dr. J when he was the Sixers’ GM), an avid marathon runner and a Sunday school teacher.

He says without time management, he could never juggle all the parts of his busy life. Find out how you can use Pat’s same techniques in your own life to prioritize the things that really matter to you.

Plus, find out what Pat has learned from some of the nation’s top coaches, innovators and leaders that can help you success in your own life.