Selene Yeager


The problem is exercise is that is can get really boring, really fast. We all know that we need to get healthier, but sometimes it’s so hard to force ourselves to get onto a treadmill or go for a run.

Author and fitness expert Selene Yeager says the key to adopting a healthy lifestyle is to find something you really enjoy doing.

In her new book, “Ride Your Way Lean,” she explains how getting back onto a bicycle can be a fun way to shed the pounds.

She says as long as you can walk down the block, you can easily ride 2 to 5 miles. And that’s all you need to get started on a healthier life right away.

Selene shares her tips for picking out a bike, how much you should expect to spend and even breaks down some sample programs, based on how much weight you want to lose.

And if you think you’re too big to ride a bike, she explains how it’s not the size of your rear that matters. With a properly positioned seat, any one of any size can start enjoying the benefits of cycling immediately.

Find out her tips for getting fitter faster.