Willie Murphy

photo credit: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Willie Murphy is a 77-year-old grandmother. Weighing in at just 105 pounds, she can deadlift 215 pounds, and with every pounds she lifts, she is raising hopes for women nationwide.

She’s living proof that it’s never too late to try something new. She just started lifting a few years ago, and she’s now one of the top powerlifters in the world in her age group.

Willie tells us that at the age of 50, she started running track and field. She started lifting 5 pound weights to gain more of an edge over her competitors. Before she knew it, she’d fallen in love not only with the lifting but with how much stronger it made her on the track.

Willie takes us through her workout regime and explains how she’s remained injury-free … and medication free.

And what does Willie have to say to all the people who used to tell her it wasn’t “womanly” to lift weights? She’s got a message of girl power about what women CAN do. She also has a powerful and life-saving message for people who think they’re too old to work out. Find out why she believes your body LOVES to move and how you can help it accomplish that.