Against All Odds, Florida Farmer Strikes Black Gold: Caviar


Last Updated on February 2, 2024

The experts said it couldn’t be done. But in the last few weeks, a major breakthrough that could spawn a whole new industry and an unprecedented opportunity for large scale production of the holy grail of aqua farming, caviar.

Two decades ago, the idea occurred to Gene Evans that if he could figure out how to spawn sturgeon, he could create a burgeoning industry in providing both sturgeon meat for consumption, but also caviar to satisfy the ever-growing demand and the ever-dwindling supply. (See our story with Gene in the early days here.)

Nearly all caviar-producing sturgeon are found in the Caspian Sea. But pollution, neglect and harmful ecological practices has caused their numbers to drop alarmingly.

Others have tried to raise the fish in a farm environment, but none could get them to spawn, except for Evans! See what he’s doing that could spawn here in America a brand new hundred-million dollar agriculture industry.