Centenarians Steal Super Bowl Commercial Win


Dodge AdLet this be known as the year that centenarians snuck into the Super Bowl and stole the show. Maybe it wasn’t the most talked about ad, or even the newest, but it was by far the most important. An unmistakeable sign that times have changed.

For the first time a major corporation chose to advertise its brand by featuring folks in their 90s and 100s, with an ad featuring the oldest cast in television commercial history!

Dodge has been around for 100 years. It wants to show that it has learned a lot, is still young and still pushing the envelope. And it chose an extremely clever and effective way to do it.

It calls the campaign Dodge Wisdom. In a major twist from the norm, instead of casting the people as elderly, feeble and helpless, these folks are in-your-face with passion, energy and conviction.

They’re not in an old-folks home sitting in wheelchairs wearing hospital gowns and covered in blankets. They are dressed in style, leaning forward, defiant, bold and emphatic in their advice.

It’s not sweet, sentimental and cornball. It’s not wisdom that they’re passing along as much as it is inspiration. And they’re not talking to other 100 year olds, they’re talking to you!

Their message is the same as Growing Bolder’s, live life to the fullest, follow your passion and it is never too late! Finally, a chance for us to learn from the coolest people on the planet!

Age can be an incredible thing!