GB One-on-One: Tony de Leede


In Growing Bolder One-on-One with Active Aging Thought Leaders, our new series dedicated to the status of aging, GB sits down with some of the world’s top experts for in-depth conversations. In this episode, we talk with Tony De Leede, one of the world’s most successful wellness entrepreneurs.

He has been at the forefront of the wellness and fitness industry for nearly 40 years. A renowned innovator, the Australian’s focus is now on his company, Wellness Solutions, which offers a full range of unique brands and products that will enable clubs, gyms, facilities and studios to offer total body and mind wellbeing experiences.

In this conversation, de Leede describes how his fitness goals have evolved as he’s aged and how he’s sharing that knowledge with others. Plus, find out why he follows the five pillars of wellness and how he believes they can help everyone not only live longer, but better.