Jazz Great Sam Rivers’ Final Interview


International jazz icon Sam Rivers, who played with everyone from Miles Davis to Wilson Pickett, died in late December 2011 at the age of 88. Just days before his death, he gave what would be his final interview to Growing Bolder.

Until his death, he never stopped writing, recording and performing music. Growing Bolder asked him how his creativity compared in his late 80s to earlier in his life.

“As matter of fact, it’s doubled or tripled at this point. I’ll never get finished what I’ve started,” he told Growing Bolder.

Sam was a true jazz pioneer. He grew up singing in a family vocal group, starting at age of 5. He played the piano, violin and the trombone before switching to the saxophone at age 13.

That set him on a remarkable career that saw him playing with BIllie Holiday, Wilson Pickett, Miles Davis, BB King, Dizzy GIllespie and many more.

Even until the time of his death, all-night music sessions weren’t uncommon.

Sam explained why he’d never stop playing and why he chose to play with another musician over Jimi Hendrix.

Listen to this interview with an American treasure and hear for yourself why creativity knows no age limits.