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This Web site is dedicated to the search for truth. Life on earth is an opportunity to prepare for the life to come after physical death. Are you ready?

Perhaps you don’t believe there is anything after death. If so, there is a place for you on this site. Maybe you don’t believe in a Creator God, and that such a God designed and keeps the universe operating as it is — a God who keeps this earth speeding through space at phenomenal speed. There is a place for you on this site if you believe that everything happened by chance accident. You may discover on this site factual scientific information you are not familiar with — facts that are not widely and publicly circulated, and are almost always not taught in today’s public schools, colleges, and universities.

You may be Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhist, Mormon, or Unity. Or, your church background may be Baptist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, or some other branch of Protestant churches. Perhaps you are an atheist or an agnostic, or maybe you decided long ago that all this was so confusing that you didn’t want anything to do with the mysteries of life at all, yet, you still wonder, what is the truth? Is there life beyond the grave? If so, is there anything I should be doing to prepare for it? Does it matter? You will find information on this site that deals with these questions.

It is the hope of the author and essay writers of this site that the assignment help Tauranga and the information contained herein will be challenging, insightful, thought provoking, and ultimately profitable to those who take the time to view its contents.

We are just beginning, so please have patience with us. Much more material will be added as we are able to feed it into this site. I look forward to hearing from many of you surfers, wherever you are in the world.

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Those who say there are no absolutes immediately contradict themselves in that by making such a statement they have themselves stated an absolute. After all, are they absolutely sure?
The number one question that should be of supreme importance above everything else to all of us as human beings is this:


The answer to this question is the foundation for answers to the other questions of life: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of my existence? Is there anything after physical death?

If you have questions about the existence of God or consider yourself an atheist or an agnostic, please click here.

If you are confused about who is responsible for the tragedies and terrible atrocities that take place in the world, please click here.

If you think the Bible is no more important than any other religion’s holy books, and that it was just written by men without any supernatural help, and contains a lot of mythology.


INSIGHT: Did God cause the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas? In fact, is it God that causes earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tidal waves, and storms? Why doesn’t God stop these terrible school shootings? Click here

Unfortunately, the word Christian has been used in such a general way for so many centuries, that when it is used, one may not know for certain whether the people referred to are what the Bible calls new creations in Christ, that is, those who have experienced the literal presence of the Spirit of God coming into their beings, or, whether it is a term loosely applied to certain people who claim a particular religion as their own. The only individuals who experience what Jesus referred to as being born again, are those who have sincerely asked God to forgive their sins, and who believe that Christ is the Son of God who died as a sacrifice for their sins on the cross. Therefore, we can see at least two categories of people: Those who are Christians in name only, and those who are true Christians by experience and maintain a living fellowship with their Lord.

It is distressing and lamentable that over the years the media have frequently used the word Christian when reporting about various trouble spots around the world. For example: “Christians” fighting in Ireland, or “Christians” fighting in Lebanon, etc. Of course, most in the media are not true Christians themselves, and are therefore not sensitive to the distinction that true Christians would make between themselves and those who appear outwardly religious and use the name Christian, but have no real relationship with Christ. It is also hurtful to the cause of Christ that many Jewish people still mistakenly look upon the Second World War holocaust as persecution by “Christians”. No true follower of Christ walking in living fellowship with his or her Lord could have ever been involved in such an evil and horrible thing.

These are some of the reasons why I often prefer to tell people that I am simply a follower of Jesus Christ. A word of warning: If you make this statement to people, you can be sure that they will be watching you to see if your life gives any evidence of your claim!

If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, you will also accept the Bible as God’s authorative Word. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the Bible, click here.

If you believe that your denomination has more truth than others, and you’re not sure that anyone else can be saved who doesn’t belong to your church, and you have difficulty in recognizing people from other churches as fellow members in the body of Christ, click here. (This will go to Unity In Christ page)

Is the way we conduct our church services scriptural? What is the Bible’s description of a church service? Click here. (This will go to the Church Life page)

What is God’s true way of salvation? Click here.