One Final Gift of Compassion


Even though humans have a 100% mortality rate, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey reveals that only 27% of Americans, including about half of adults age 65 and over, do any end-of-life planning, such as wills, advance medical directives and pre-need funeral planning.

And while some may consider it morbid, we think it’s part of Growing Bolder to embrace the opportunities we have to Move Forward. Give Back.®, not only in life, but in death. Plus, it’s a final gift of compassion that can save your family money, stress and heartache — a living legacy that will also help save lives for decades.

Jerry and Jan Klein have decided to will their bodies to the UCF College of Medicine so that after they pass, the medical school may use their remains to help students and others learn to become future healers. The UCF anatomy lab, designed and run by Dr. Andrew Payer, is one of the finest in the country and is filled with technology that allows students to study the body and learn about anatomy, disease and health in a more meaningful way, and then use that knowledge to help their own patients.

At the UCF College of Medicine, willed bodies are referred to as the student’s first patients, and these patients are treated with respect and dignity. You can learn more about the program here.

(Note: the UCF College of Medicine is a Growing Bolder content partner and a sponsor of Surviving & Thriving.)