Woman Nearly Loses Leg But Not Passion for Life


Janet Oberholtzer and her family were living their dream.

They had sold their home and family business and set out for the adventure of a lifetime — a cross-country trip in an RV.

Just six months into the trip, Janet was fighting for her life. While traveling through Los Angeles, they were involved in a wreck with five semi-trucks. Janet’s husband and three sons were OK, but two weeks later, Janet woke up and discovered that she’d nearly lost her life and her left leg.

She says it took her more than a month to grasp just how serious and life-changing her injuries were. After multiple surgeries, she walked alone three months after the accident, much quicker than her doctors thought she would.

Janet explains what it was like when she realized that life was not going to be what she always thought it would be like. Instead, she would forever live with pain, lower energy levels and a deformed leg. During those early days, she said she was in a very dark and deep depression.

But then a writing exercise changed her perspective. Find out how writing her own obituary gave her a big wake-up call and a new passion for living.

She returned to running and has even completed two half-marathons, despite her lifelong injuries.

Janet explains the four steps she had to take before she could learn to really live again.

To learn much more about Janet’s road to recovery, and to see pictures of the accident that changed her life, click here to visit her website.