Bold Social: Creative Expression

Creative expression is liberating, satisfying, and enhances our quality of life. It’s all about figuring out who we are and what we want to say and sharing it with the world in our own unique way. From fashion to photography to fitness, these fascinating folks over 50 are sharing their chosen creative outlets with their online communities.

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Elizabeth Gilbert

She became an international sensation with her book “Eat Pray Love.” Now, Elizabeth Gilbert is teaching us all how to find the magic in our lives by living a life defined more by curiosity than fear.

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Eric Maisel

Are we all creative people? Can we learn to be more creative? Can an artist follow specific steps to become a successful creative person? Eric Maisel, one of America’s top creativity coaches, offers tips for pursuing a passion for the arts.

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Frederic Franklin

He’s 96 years old and STILL performing with the American Ballet Theatre. Find out his secrets to not only making it to your golden years, but still living well during them.

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Melissa Godoy

Filmmaker Melissa Godoy’s projects have appeared on PBS and they all share one thing in common — they aim straight for the heart. Her new film, “Do Not Go Gently,” examines what happens to creative people as they age.

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Allee Willis

One of the most successful songwriters of all time is also one of the most creative people you’ll ever meet. Find out how this wild woman is behind some of the hottest videos on YouTube.

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Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

A distinguished sociologist and Harvard professor is combating our youth-obsessed culture’s negative portrayal of older adults. She says people over 50 are reinventing themselves and changing the world.

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