Top 5 Creative Design Apps for Adults


Last Updated on August 4, 2022

Thanks to our ever-evolving digital world, it’s now easier than ever before to get online and get creative. While tangible creative outlets like painting, playing an instrument, crafting and cooking are wonderful ways to let your imagination run wild, don’t sleep on the many apps that are easy to use and can spice up your photos, drawing and designs online.

A 2021 study by Pew Research Center revealed how rapidly things have changed in this last decade alone. Older adults aren’t sitting on the sidelines as social technologies advance. Instead, they are the fastest-growing group of users jumping in on the fun with social media.

Social media presence among Americans 65+ quadrupled since 2010

83% of adults 50-64 have smartphones

61% of adults 65+ have smartphones

Nearly half of all adults 50+ have a tablet

The worlds of photography, videography, art and creative design are now open for non-professionals to get their feet wet and enhance their online presence. Getting creative is a vital tool for healthy aging, so take out your phone, try some of our favorite apps and add some fresh content to your personal profile on Facebook, Instagram and more!


Whether you want to share a favorite quote in a fun way, design a logo, create a meme, add variety to your Instagram post, create
a printable poster, an infographic or more, Canva is a great place to get started. They have amassed thousands of professional templates and images to bring your best ideas to life. A step-by-step guided process makes it EASY to do, right from the palm of your hand! It’s free to use, but they also offer paid plans with vast amounts of tools for businesses and organizations.

A Color Story

Don’t just post a raw photo. Try downloading A Color Story, where you can easily edit and add effects onto your pictures with colors that pop! There are over 500 stackable filters that will make the colors in your photos come to life, plus you can use touch tools to remove unwanted objects with ease!


Somehow, cooking seems The team at Procreate says “Art is for everyone.” This app is your own endless canvas, where you can draw and paint on a digital screen and bring your creations to life, without needing paint, brushes or an easel! Explore artwork by other users to get inspired, or simply start fresh and let your mind run free.


Have you wanted to edit your own videos, but are intimidated by programs made for professionally trained editors? The team at Splice says that you don’t need to be a pro, and amateurs can “create something spectacular in no time.” This app allows you
to use your phone or tablet and edit together multiple video clips, trim parts of a video you don’t like, add music or visual effects

to design your own movie! Gather up a few of your favorite clips from a recent family gathering and see how easy it is to create
a condensed look at these memorable moments.


Ironically enough, the Paper app gives you digital “sheets” to make it easy to sketch, collage, paint, draw and journal right
on your smartphone or tablet. It’s simple and intuitive, offering drawing tutorials and workbooks to help you sharpen your skills and “sketch with confidence.” You can pull in inspiration from anywhere and stack multiple photos and drawings of your
own creation onto single collages with ease.

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