Anne Abernathy


Anne Abernathy has qualified for six different Winter Olympics, and along the way, she has accomplished two amazing feats — she’s the only woman over the age of 50 to make it to the Games and she’s the oldest woman to ever compete in the Olympics.

But she’s also suffered devastating setbacks. A hurricane destroyed her home; she’s had 12 knee surgeries and countless broken bones; and she being treated right now for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“Grandma Luge” tells Growing Bolder that the many messages of support have humbled and motivated her.

“Cancer changes everything. You put your life on hold. It’s hard to keep a positive outlook,” she said. “But if you set goals, you’re no longer a victim. You’re seen not as someone with cancer, but someone trying to get well to continue on their quest. Just do it.”

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