Bob Lee


Remember the book “Tuesdays With Morrie?” 

It deeply touches millions of people around the world, but when Bob Lee read it, it inspired him to embark on a mission to make a huge difference in the world. 

After he read it, he thought there must be some way to use his passions and abilities to help people in need. In his wildest dreams, though, even he never imagined that thought would go as far as it did.  

In 2001, he got on his bike for a fundraising ride and he’s been riding pretty much ever since for three reasons.

He talks to Growing Bolder about his three rides, that have taken him across North America — from Florida to California; from Florida again to Maine and eventually Washington state; and from Vancouver, Canada, to Mexico. 

Along the way, he has raised $875,000 and he has a goal of reaching $1 million.

He reveals the three causes he is riding for and how Morrie Schwartz inspired him to seek out opportunities to pay back the kindess of others who had touched his life during his battle with colon cancer and his wife’s breast cancer.  

Find out what gives him the pedal power to get up and down over the Rockies (several times) and travel thousands of miles. 

Click here to find out more about Bob’s rides and to help him reach his goal of raising $1 million.