Brad Gruno


Brad Gruno made millions in fiber, went broke when the dotcom bubble burst then made millions in fiber again. Only, the first time he made his money in fiber optics, and this time, it’s fiber in our diets. 

He’s the creator of Brad’s Raw Chips and what started out as a passion for him has grown into a wildly successful company. 

Brad describes how he was down-and-out when he lost his fortune and found himself in his mid-40s, overweight, unhappy, unhealthy and depressed.

During this time, he ended up moving home to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and one night, his aunt introduced him to the growing raw food movement. He explains how he found himself evolving from the typical American diet to a healthier way of living.

Brad describes how he lost the weight, found more energy and found his true purpose in life by following a raw foods diet. It eventually led to him founding his new company, Brad’s Raw Chips. 

He says he’s living proof that when you find what you’re love and passionate about in life, you will succeed.

Find out how he eventually adopted an 80/20 diet (80 percent raw, 20 percent cooked) and how incorporating raw foods into your everyday life is far easier than you may think. He’s even helping to demystify the raw foods movement in his new book, “Brad’s Raw Made Easy.”