Dr. Mike Moreno


How many times in your life have you decided to make a change? Maybe it was a new diet, a new exercise or a new class. You probably stuck with it for a few days, but then likely gave it up and never tried again.

The problem is most of us give up too quickly if we don’t see results right away. 

Michael Moreno, M.D. made a name for himself with his bestselling book and program “The 17 Day Diet.” Now, he’s back with a follow-up program and this time, he’s tackling aging. In “17 Days to Stop Aging,” he identifies five factors that determine how you’ll age. 

Dr. Moreno explains the significance of 17 days and what happens on days 1 and 18. 

Find out why he thinks these 17-day programs are a good jumpstart for a lifelong battle and what people should expect to see in those 17 days — and how that helps motivate people to keep making positive, healthy changes.