Dr. Robert Huizenga


Dr. Robert Huizenga is one of the world’s leading weight loss experts. He’s the former team doctor for the LA Raiders and currently he’s the medical adviser for NBC’s hit show, “The Biggest Loser.”

He said they’re doing a little entertainment on the show but also saving so many lives. From shedding pounds to shedding bad influences (including unsupportive partners), he says it’s exciting to see how people can truly change their lives.
He says one of the biggest successes of the show is transforming overweight people into true athletes, which sets up a better chance of long-term lifestyle changes.

Dr. Huizenga says he wants every American to know that they’ve been sold a bogus bill of goods with the current standards for acceptable amounts of working out and eating. He says the whole country is living in denial and he wants everyone to know the real facts about losing weight and changing your life for good.

Plus, he’s pointing the finger at the doctors in this country. He says too many doctors give their patients excuses not to work out. He says no matter the injury, there’s never an excuse to not work out — just shift to a more  suitable exercise.

He also wants everyone to know the facts — just because your cholesterol and blood pressure are OK does not mean you don’t have to lose weight. Your weight alone could knock 15 years off your lifespan.

Listen to this interview and you’ll be inspired to stop making excuses and start changing your life today. He promises it won’t be easy, especially for the first four weeks, but when you start to feel the effects of healthy living, you’ll be glad you’ve made a commitment to a better life.