Laura Simon


Five years ago, at the age of 100, Laura Simon became a first-time author when she penned her autobiography “I Am Still Here.”

Now 105, she’s on a mission to rally the elderly in this country to stay active and engaged.

She’s honest, frank and fascinating and she’s hoping to lead a revolution.

Laura says she has been writing since she was in her 40s. She’s legally blind, so she wrote the book by talking into a tape recorder.

The result is a 500-page book that includes her life philosophy and her award-winning paintings.

Laura said the most important thing to her is for other older men and women to realized that it is possible to live independently late into life as long as you’re willing to hard. Laura began working to support her family at the age of 13, and she credits those early years of responsibility with making her the strong, independent woman she remains today.

Listen to this interview and find out what this fascinating woman thinks of the world around us, wars and the state of politics in this country. Plus, how many 105-year-olds do you know who plug their book on Amazon? She’s a tough saleswoman!