Lisa Fisco


Like many women, Lisa Fisco’s life had reached a critical point. She spent years digging out of an ugly divorce, she was in deep debt and about 100 pounds overweight. She was in her late 40s, and she had lost her way.

But then she decided she had had enough. She said she did not want to wake up another day feeling like she couldn’t accomplish what she knew she could accomplish.

So, she enrolled in a business class, which she had always wanted to do, and a class assignment changed the course of her life forever.

Lisa, an Emmy Award-winning producer of TV shows like Leeza and the Dr. Laura show, took a chance on her dreams. She sent a letter to an Olympic weightlifting coach and told him she was a 47-year-old out-of-shape mom and asked if he wanted to take her on as a student. He wrote her back and said he loved her letter and her motivation, and the next weekend, they started training.

Now, one year later and a whole lot stronger, Lisa has an even bigger goal in mind — she has her sights set on making the U.S. Olympics Weightlifting team and competing at the London 2012 Games.

If she were to make the Olympic team, she would be the oldest female ever to compete in her sport.

Lisa says she’s always been tenacious, and she’s just glad she rediscovered her passion and enthusiasm for something before it was too late. She said everyone has to reach their own “aha moment” before they can start making big changes.

Find out how she learned to stop the craziness of everyday life and started listening to her heart.

Plus, she explains how Olympian Dara Torres has been such a huge inspiration in her own Olympic dreams.