Matt Thornhill


Matt Thornhill is one of nation’s top authorities on marketing to Baby Boomers. His opinion is sought by major corporation and major media outlets, including Google, General Mills, Lowe’s, NBC, CBS, Business Week, Time and the Wall St. Journal.

He’s the author of “Boomer Consumer” and founder and president of the Boomer Project.

Matt discusses some of the most pressing issues facing Boomers, including retirement (What will it look like? Will it be better or worse than we imagined?); this generation’s longevity bonus, giving them many more years to live, work and play; Social Security and Medicare; and caring for aging parents. He also weighs in on how he thinks Boomers will change end-of-life care and options.  

He also discussed the rise of 50+ entrepreneurs and Boomers’ passion for making a difference and giving back.

Plus, he describes the Siri Phenomenon and how it will impact Boomers.