Oleda Baker


Walk into any bookstore and wander into the anti-aging section. You’ll quickly get overwhelmed with all the information out there. And how can you know if any of it really works?

Oleda Baker isn’t your average self-help author. She’s a former supermodel, an accomplished artist and the author of 10 books. And she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

And, oh yeah, she’s 76 years old.

Oleda says she’s never had a facelift. In fact, she got a doctor to examine her face and vouch for that in her new book.

You’re probably thinking that it must be good genes. Oleda says genes will only help you 30 percent of the way. The rest is up to you and the choices you make.

In her new book, “Breaking the Age Barrier: Great Looks and Health at Every Age,” Oleda shares her daily regime and explains how you can start reversing the aging process in your life.

She offers simple tips, including the way you pull your hair back and how you wash your face. She says all of the countless things we do every day can affect the way we look and feel.

Oleda also explains the Beauty Orgasm. Find out how a fulfilling sex life can actually provide anti-aging benefits.

Oleda, a former Wilhelmina model, reveals that her photos are never retouched. She says she thinks so many young starlets and models today agree to retouching because they want to look better than they really do.

“I just want to BE better. I want to be photographed the way I really look,” she says.

Listen to this interview and find out how her inside/outside head-to-toe list of things to do can make a huge impact on your life, health and happiness.

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