Susan Polis Schutz


Susan Polic Schutz is a best-selling author, poet, activist and the founder of the hugely successful greeting card company Blue Mountain cards.

But a chance encounter with a 96-year-old saxophonist changed her life forever.

She was in New York City and saw Les Lieber performing with his weekly Jazz at Noon jam. She tells Growing Bolder that she thought he must be in his 70s, but when she discovered he was closer to 100, it inspired her to find others like him. (Click here to listen to our interview with Les Lieber).

The result is the film “Over 90 and Loving It,” which chronicles the adventures of 13 men and women in their 90s and 100s living extraordinary lives.

Susan is the film’s director and executive producer. Susan says there are so many inspiring examples out there that she could do this movie 20 times over.

She breaks down the characteristics these nonagenarian and centenarians all share and offers advice for people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond who want to live long, vibrant, productive lives.

“Over 90 and Loving It” is airing on PBS stations nationwide. Click here to watch the film’s five-minute trailer and find out when and where you can watch it.