A Life of Adventure Supported by Personalized Primary Care


Last Updated on February 7, 2024

The list of physical activities that Pete Ciarlante, 70, and his wife Grace Long, 70, engage in goes on and on. An ageist culture would lead most to believe that your 70s are a time to withdraw from life. Just to sit back and relax. But not for Pete and Grace. A life of adventure is all they’ve ever known. 

“I try to do something every day to raise my heart rate, to expend energy and get endorphins,” Long told Growing Bolder. “When Pete and I first met, it was like meeting my alter ego. My soulmate. We both drove ‘68 Beetles. We both played racketball. We both skied and were both scuba divers. Everything I brought up, he did. Now it’s still the same.”

Now Pete and Grace spend their time mountain biking, water-skiing, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, snow skiing and playing pickleball, which has strengthened their marriage through the years.  

“She expels a tremendous amount of energy, so it is great to feed on that energy,” Ciarlante explained.

Grace and Pete have crafted a routine for healthy aging, which they have paired with top-notch primary care specifically designed for older adults, at AdventHealth Well 65+. It’s a formula that anyone over the age of 65 in the state of Florida can follow.
“They really focus on seniors at AdventHealth Well 65+,” Ciarlante said. “They have that attention. They have that definite understanding of who you are at your age and what your needs may be, and that’s what I found when I came here.”

AdventHealth Well 65+ focuses on whole-person care, specifically for adults over 65. They give their patients more time with their doctors, more availability for appointments, and a care team that includes care coordinators, registered nurses, pharmacists, and social workers. The end result is a personal relationship, where the patient gets individualized care specific to their life style, all in one location. 

“We are fairly healthy, but I have noticed that over the last six years or so that things pop up more frequently than they used to,” Ciarliante said. “They’re there for you when you need it. A quick phone call, quick appointment, or even getting back to you on the phone if they need to.”

Pete and Grace still spend part of their time in Pennsylvania, but the personalized care they’ve received at their Well 65+ practice has fit so well with their lifestyle that they plan their appointments to align with the months they are in Florida. 

Their advice for others? Try out a Well 65+ practice, and embrace the opportunity to stay active in your later years. 

“Don’t stop doing things. Don’t give up,” Long says. “If you have a little setback and you stop doing a sport, don’t give it up totally. I’m just going to keep doing what I do. I don’t have any plans to slow down or give things up.”

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