At 91, Olga Kotelko is a World Champion Athlete


Olga Kotelko is considered one of the greatest athletes in the world. She holds 23 world records, including 17 in her current age category.

The age category is almost as remarkable as her records — it’s the 90-95 year old group.

Olga is 91 years old and recently traveled from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, to the World Championships in Finland, where she competed in 11 events, won 11 gold medals and set 10 world records.

She says 10 out of 11 isn’t bad. After all, she doesn’t want to be greedy. But the fiercely competitive athlete said it showed her that she still has some room to improve.

Olga competes in running events, throwing events with the shotput and hammer and jumping events, including the high and long jumps.

Of all her events, she says the hammer throw is her favorite. She explains why it gives her a sense of freedom.

Even more amazing than her various records and medals is the fact that she didn’t even start competing until she was 77. For the rest of her life, she says she was just too busy going to school and then being a full-time working, single parent to her two daughters.

But she’s always been healthy. Even now, she is constantly exercising by walking or taking swim classes and training for her upcoming competitions.

She has advice for anyone who also wants to live a long and healthy life.