Behind the Scenes: Posing for a Cure


At Growing Bolder, we say it’s not about age; it’s about attitude. And it takes attitude (plus a lot of chutzpah) to show this much skin!

So why did Growing Bolder reporter Wendy Chioji do it? She and 17 others — all over the age of 40 — donned their swimsuits for the Calendar for Conquering Cancer.

Wendy is a Stage 2 breast cancer survivor and she says it was a way for her to smash stereotypes and raise money for a great cause.

Click the play button above and see what it’s really like at a photo shoot. We may be biased, but we think she’s pretty fierce, don’t you?

For much more information about this project, including pictures of the other 17 models who donned their swimsuits for the calendar, click here to check out Conquering Cancer, One Bikini at a Time on

The money raised through this project supports research and treatment for Waldenström macroglobulinemia, a rare, slow-growing, non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Information on the project, as well as order forms, is available at

**UPDATE: After we posted this video, it took off, quickly becoming an Internet sensation. We Skyped with Wendy to get her reaction to becoming the Internet’s new viral video star. Click here to watch the conversation.