Ruth1898 on the Power of Curiosity


In this blog Ruth, at 109, wonders how much longer she will live. 

She talks about the things she would like to be around to see, like who the next President will be. 
She says curiosity is one of the greatest qualities we can have for a long life. 
Ruth believes your mind is like an engine and curiosity is the oil that keeps it running smooth. 
Ruth was simply amazing. Just some of the highlights, she was married to a Major League Baseball player, she was one of the first women to host a radio show, in 1937 she came face to face with Hitler and tried to warn the world, she was the first woman elected to the Legislature from New Hampshire, and those are just a few of the things that made Ruth a national treasure.
With the purpose of passing some of her wisdom along, she filed dozens of video blogs on, making her the oldest person ever to blog and the oldest person to be a member of a social network Web site. 
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