The Summer of Skip-Gen Vacations


“Gramping” is a thing, America. Get on board. 

All you need are grandparents and grandkids for the road trip, otherwise known skip-gen travel. Without the children’s parents in the mix, gramping has become a popular getaway during an international pandemic. 

It’s a win-win scenario, with parents getting a break from the kids and the kids getting a boredom break from the stay-at-home limitations. And we know that grandparents are digging the scene, bonding with the little ones after more than a year of isolation in many instances. 

“As more grandparents become fully vaccinated, they’re beginning to plan multigenerational trips to make up for lost time, reconnect and make memories with loved ones,” notes a recent piece “All-inclusive resorts, vacation home rentals, dude ranches, private small group tours and destination family reunions are popular multigenerational travel options for 2021 and 2022.” 

The timing could not be better to explore the great outdoors. Just this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unveiled updated guidelines for vaccinated people, deeming it safe to attend small outdoor gatherings without a mask. The CDC also announced that people who are fully immunized may travel “at low risk to themselves.” 

So what’s your pit stop? Obviously, health and safety is still a priority. 

A story on gramping in USA TODAY suggests that grandparents seek out hotels, motels and family glamping resorts with exterior access guest room doors and individual cottages.  “With no shared elevators or common hallways, these accommodations limit unwanted interactions with other guests and staff. Short-term rental homes are also good options.” 

That would likely mean driving to domestic destinations. So keep an eye on national parks as a potential place to pack up and go.  

Time to eat? Look for restaurants with outdoor seating and botanical gardens with timed tickets and reduced capacity accompanying the beautiful blooms are popular options.

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