Judy Shipman


Judy Shipman is a great model for what you can do with some determination.

At the age of 71, she completed the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run in California, a race that is one of the top — and toughest — ultramarathons in the world.

Judy explains just how brutal the race is, including 20 miles of running up a horse trail that’s covered in rocks and the final three miles — which is a straight climb to the top of a dam that was supposed to be built but never was completed.

Why does she do it and what did it feel like to be older than all of her fellow runners by at least six years? Judy tells us why she pushes her body to compete in an event that took her more than 12 hours to complete and what it felt like to reach the top of that “Dam Road.”

Judy is also a two-time cancer survivor and widowed. She says she’s learned that it’s crucial to look forward to what you have in life and to learn to enjoy it.

Even if ultramarathons aren’t your thing, she says you can do anything to stay active and get out into nature and the world. But the important first step is just getting off the couch.

Find out her tips for getting started.