Ken Mink


Not only is Ken Mink the oldest player in college basketball, he’s twice as old as the school he goes to. At the age of 73, he’s the oldest college basketball player — ever.

Not bad for a guy who got expelled from college back in 1956 when Eisenhower was president. What he did to deserve his punishment is still a sore point to this day, but what led him back to school? It all started one afternoon last summer when he was shooting hoops in his driveway. He thought to himself that he was still pretty good.

So, he applied around and found a school willing to take a chance on an old guy who’s still got game. And in return, the school, Roane State Community College in Tennessee, and the old guy have become national stars.

The “New York Times” ran a feature and Ken went one-on-one with Regis live on his TV show.

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