Paige Padgett


Paige Padgett is a revolutionary makeup artist and one of the world’s leading authorities on green beauty. She’s among the first to successfully provide safe and eco-friendly makeup artistry to some of the world’s most famous faces.

She’s been featured in Elle, Shape, The Los Angeles Times and Vegetarian Times because not only does she ask a very provocative question, she answers it with alternatives that actually get the job done. And that question is: is it time to break up with makeup?

In her book The Green Beauty Rules, Paige describes the three Ps we should all avoid — perfume, parabens and petrochemicals. She explains to Growing Bolder why these ingredients are so potentially harmful to your health and reveals what you should instead look for in a green beauty product.

She also lists some alternatives to some of the most popular products you use in your daily life. Paige also explains why this isn’t an issue that just affects women. Find out what products men should avoid as well.

Click here to visit Paige’s website to learn more and if you want to learn more about the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database Paige mentions in our conversation, click here.