Richard Derwald


As a child and young man, Richard Derwald says he had no real athletic abilities. But he had something important — a desire to make himself healthier and stronger.

By the time he turned 19, he was a professional wrestler and had taught himself to work out using exercise equipment that he had to send away for because there were no gyms or fitness clubs in his area.

He went on to become a professional bodybuilder and these days he’s better known as Mr. Fitness. Now 76, he’s still pushing himself to keep getting stronger and healthier and he’s helping others learn the same skills.

Richard is the coordinator of the Erie County (N.Y.) Senior Fitness Program, and thanks to him, nearly 2,000 people are getting stronger every day. He says it’s never too late to get fit. Find out how.

Plus, he explains how he barely made a dime off his invention — an action figure of professional wrestlers that became one of the best-selling toys of all time.

He’s an example of pursuing passions and never giving up. And he’s still making plans. Find out about the next generation of fitness programs that he’s designing.