Fred Schneider


The B-52s is one of greatest party bands of all time.

Did they know they were destined to be such a success? Did they always have so much fun? And after you make it, what do you do then?

Singer, songwriter and B-52s frontman Fred Schneider has the answers to those questions and much more.

As he prepares to celebrate his 61st birthday, he explains how being a partying vegetarian just may be the secret to a happy life.

He describes his band’s early days and why they didn’t do what other people wanted them to do and didn’t try to sound like the other pop bands on the radio. And their independence and dedication to sticking with what they wanted to sound like helped them reach a level of success they’d never even dreamed of and gave them the power to still be rocking together several decades later.

Fred also tells the story of the band’s biggest hit, “Love Shack” and why most people, including the band’s record company and major radio, thought it was too weird to be a hit.

He also tells us about his side project called The Superions, a new live album for The B-52s and a new live DVD.

For more, check out: 

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The B-52s website

The Superions Facebook page

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