Harris Rosen’s Prescription for America


One of the nation’s top executives has a prescription to make America healthier, happier and more educated.

Harris Rosen is President and COO of Rosen Hotels and Resorts and a man of limitless energy.

The nearly 73-year-old believes regular exercise and a healthy diet is the key to longevity. But his passion for healthy living isn’t limited to himself — he’s bringing his nearly 4,000 employees along on his journey to wellness.

For 20 years, Rosen has provided his employees with an incredible health-care program that encourages health and wellness, with everything from programs to quit smoking to regular preventative care check-ups — right on campus. He explains to Growing Bolder how his health-care model is something that is affordable and attainable for every large company.

For Rosen, making a difference extends beyond his company’s walls. He’s also adopted a poor local neighborhood, providing free education for every child, from ages 2 through college. His life-changing and saving program has even caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey.

But Rosen would be the first to tell you that he’s gained more out of these programs than the people he’s helping.

“When you do the right thing, you’re rewarded for it,” he tells Growing Bolder.

Watch this story and see how one person has the power to change thousands of lives by doing the right thing.