Is Our Food Making Us Sick?


From recalls to salmonella outbreaks, it’s no secret that our food supply has some very serious issues.

One mother of four is on a campaign to find out why our food seems to be making us sick and what we must do to stop this trend.

Before she became a mother, Robyn O’Brien never considered herself a foodie. She was raised on a typical American diet featuring processed foods and that’s what she started feeding her own children. She says if she couldn’t microwave it, she didn’t know how to cook it.

But then one of her children had an allergic reaction to something at breakfast, she was not expected to have her eyes opened to the new world of food allergies. From dairy to eggs to soy to peanuts, Robyn explains the startling statistics of food allergies in the U.S. today.

She says she wanted to know what had changed. Why is it that she didn’t know anyone as a child with a food allergy and now the numbers are overwhelming.

Robyn founded the Allergy Kids Foundation and the author of the new book, “The Unhealthy Truth.”

She says she just wanted to figure out how our food became so dangerous to our children. This former food industry analyst reached out to doctors, experts and activists like Erin Brockovich.

Find out what she’s discovered about artificial growth hormones, artificial colors and genetically engineered foods in our food supply.

Plus, she explains why she thinks this issue is one of the most patriotic things our nation can tackle. 

Click here to visit Robyn’s website for much more information about her research and mission.