Jeannette Bajalia Knows a Woman’s Worth


By the time Jeannette Bajalia turned 55, she’d already experienced what many of us go through in a full lifetime. She started working at 16, attended night school to get her undergraduate and masters degrees, and then when her father died, she stepped into the role of caregiver for her mother — all in just 10 years.

Her mother, as it turned out, believed that “a man was a plan,” and Jeannette quickly discovered that it wasn’t enough.

“My father left her no life insurance, a $542 social security check and a mortgage. So I stepped in when I was 26 years old and I ended up being a caregiver for 33 years.”

At age 36, Jeannette battled breast cancer — an experience that changed the way she cared for herself. And at 55, she retired, and approached five different financial advisors for help designing a financial plan that would help her live the life she’d dreamed of.

She discovered that many in the financial industry didn’t understand the unique needs of women, and wouldn’t take the time to help women create a financial and life plan, and she decided to lead by example.

That led her to create Woman’s Worth®, write three books (with one on the way!) and to empower and encourage women all over America to make the health-wealth connection and find total well being.

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