Jumping for Joy


We’re opening up the GB archives to reintroduce you to the late, great Chet Poland. Chet was the world’s oldest skydiver when he passed away in his mid-90’s We were fortunate enough to spend a little quality time with Chet when he was a very young 90-years old. He taught us that it’s never too late to enjoy the thrill of a good jump and the companionship of good friends.

Want to see other daredevils?

Skydiver, stunt driver, parasailor, aspiring actor and ventriloquist and recent Clown Camp graduate Frank Taylor is always looking for his next adventure. He talked to Growing Bolder about why he feels compelled to keep pushing himself — and his body — now that he’s in his 70s.

Skydiving simulators are increasingly popular with 50+ thrill seekers. They provide the fun, and you don’t actually have to jump out of a plane. Today’s simulators are indoor high-tech wind tunnels. But the forerunner was an old DC-3 propeller standing on end. Dangerous? Noisy? Fun? Yes. Yes. And Yes. Just the ticket in this GB Classic.

Time flies and so does this mother-son skydiving team. Growing Bolder found a unique tandem whose definition of spending quality time together involves taking the plunge at 13,500 feet.

What happens when a group of men over the age of 60 all jump out of a plane at the same time? The Sky Fossil, Norman Olson is back with a dramatic story of how close they came to a new world record, and a devastating injury — listen to our interviews here and here.