Oldest Living West Point Grad Turns 103


William ElyWilliam J. Ely truly is a Growing Bolder Rock Star of Aging. He has lived a long and remarkable life. He is sharp, alert and today he turns 103 years old. He uses a walker to get around, but only for a little extra support.

He is the oldest surviving graduate of West Point who served his country well, rising to the rank of Lt. General. He and his wife Helen were married for 74 years before she passed away last March at the age of 100. They had three sons, all of whom also served in the Army. The family to move often before finally settling in Delray Beach, Florida.

Even in his 100s he still embodies the Growing Bolder philosophy of living with purpose. Ely believes it is his duty to make a difference in the lives of others, and at the age of 100 helped organize golf tournaments to benefit the Wounded Warriors organization.

“I’m lucky to be here still,” Ely told the Trib Total Media before one of the tourneys. “If I can contribute anything at my age, I’m happy to do it.”

Our birthday wishes go out to one very inspiring individual!