The GB Inspiration Award Goes To …


If we dream, if we believe, if we persist, we can overcome anything and we can become everything we want. That’s at the heart of Growing Bolder, and it’s more than just some words on paper — for some people, it’s a way of life.

The winner of this year’s Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic Growing Bolder Inspiration Award is a swimmer who epitomizes the Growing Bolder ethos.

He is someone who is not afraid to step out of the box and reinvent himself. He’s someone not afraid to take chances. He’s a well-respected physician who could afford to rest of his laurels, but that’s not what he’s all about.

In addition to his medical career, he’s also an author, actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, musician, web designer and the world’s foremost authority on yo-yos.

He’s been in Ripley’s Believe It or Not and holds several world records, including a very unusual one.

But what really makes him special is his tireless dedication to raising money for the YMCA Aquatic Center and his work as the head coach for the Special Olympics swim team for the past decade.

Find out why we think Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer is one of the most eclectic and yes, inspirational, people you’ll ever meet.

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