Your Take: Share Your Mom’s Words of Wisdom


Mama said, mama said! Many of have a special place in our brains where we hear the constant echoes of our mothers’ words. We asked the Growing Bolder community to share some of those precious words of wisdom, caution and humor so we can celebrate the impact our mothers have had on our lives.

My mother always said, ‘There are two important words to live by: moderation and toleration.’ She was right! Sally Ann Hardin

Use it up & wear it out.Vickie Bragg

After catching her talking to herself her response was always, ‘I wanted to talk to an intelligent person for a change.’

Marsha Hopkins Bartenhagen

‘You’ll never see it on a galloping horse,’ meaning if the sewing wasn’t perfect don’t worry about it because no one will notice.Nyra Trader Vallee

There is a child inside each adult. We never grow older.Natalia Leizer

If they do it once, they will do it again and if they did to someone else they will probably do it to you.Dianne Lentz Moreno

Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.Carolyn Richardson

‘The thrill is gone!- is what my mother said while using the last of the Thrill dishwashing liquid. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Karen McGhee

Be honest, helpful and adventurous. Follow your own path, Remember family!Sue Chapman Caouette

Love’s blind, but the neighbors ain’t.Cathy Maxwell

My grandmother used to say, ‘Never leave home without a sandwich.’ This advice saved us when we were stranded on a mountainside for 6 hours with our 3 little children. It was just supposed to be an hour long walk in the woods! Thank goodness I had snacks, water & sandwiches!Lori Anne

‘Don’t pee before the water comes.’ This means don’t worry about things that have not happened yet. Pam Hastreiter

I can still hear my Mom saying this to me, ‘Honey, there will be people who don’t like you just because you breathe and take up space in the universe. They aren’t important – all the more reason to be your authentic self!’

Gretchen Smith

As long as you try your hardest, you’ll be a success no matter how you compare to others. Not everyone is good at the same thing.Sue Rhodes

There will always be an as*hole. Your job is to make sure it isn’t you. There will always be someone who thinks you’re an as*hole. Again, your job is to make sure that that isn’t you.Ruth Westerman

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