Mavis Albin


Mavis Albin is a member of a basketball team called the Celadrin Tigerettes, a group of six women between the ages of 66 and 76. The team formed in 1993, and since then, they’ve won seven U.S. Senior Olympics gold medals and set countless state records.

But what impresses their fans so much is not just that they win but how they play — rough, tough and aggressive.

Mavis is the team captain and she is going to change the way you look at age forever. She says she’s always had a love for the game, especially the way they play it now.

She says her team follows the NCAA rules, playing half-court games with 3-on-3. She says it’s not unusual for players to bruises, black eyes and busted lips … and that’s the way they like it.

Mavis describes how the level of play is getting better and better every year, and why the Senior Games are such a gift to women who had to leave the sport after their playing days were over in the days before the WNBA and other women’s professional leagues.

For Mavis, it’s much more than just a sport. She talks about how her teammates have become her best friends and make her a better person.

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