Roy Rowan


Throughout his entire life, Roy Rowan has been on the front lines of history. He fought in one war, then, as a journalist, covered three others. He’s been friends with presidents, survived cancer three times and ran the New York Marathon.

His work appeared in Time, Life and Fortune magazines, and he says just because he’s in his 90s doesn’t mean he has to stop writing and working.

Roy wants to shake up the way we view aging, and he says he hopes he can banish the phrase “aging gracefully” from our language.

In his new book, “Never Too Late: A 90 -Year-Old’s Pursuit of a Whirlwind Life,” Roy offers his tips for aging vigorously — not gracefully.

Find out what Roy thinks are the biggest mistakes people make as they age and the one supplement he’s found that improves your quality of life more than anything else out there.