A New Model of Care, Designed Specifically for Seniors


The age wave is upon us. Florida now has the nation’s highest percentage of adults over 65 at 21% and growing. This dramatic increase in older adults has strained primary care practices, who provide rushed appointments with doctors who are seeing as many as 40 patients a day.

To solve this problem, AdventHealth created Well 65+, a mission-driven commitment to deliver individualized whole-person care specifically to seniors. They provide longer appointments, more accessibility to doctors, and a care team to serve you all in one convenient location. AdventHealth Well 65+ was founded on the belief that as your needs change, your health care should too. To learn more and to find a Florida location near you, click here.

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The New 65


The New 65 is a stereotype-smashing exhibit featuring portraits of men and women aged 65 and older taken by renowned portrait photographer Mike Dunn.

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