Is Prehab the Key to Recovering From an Injury?


Dr. Robert Masson is one of world’s top neurosurgeons specializing in spinal injury and sports spine medicine. He pioneered the least invasive spine reconstruction technique in the world and has a reputation for helping his patients, from professional athletes to weekend warriors, achieve extreme recovery from debilitating injury and disease.

In an unexpected role reversal, Dr. Masson recently became the patient. After doing what so many of his patients do — ignoring the injury for so long — he finally decided to start taking his own advice and practicing what he had been preaching for so long. 

He explains how he learned first-hand how crucially important the patient’s role is in his or her recovery and what you can do both before and after surgery to achieve a successful outcome.

Find out why he’s more convinced than ever that prehabilitation, or prehab, may be the most important step of the recovery process.  

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