She’s 96 and Still Teaching Yoga


Recently, we brought you the story of Bernice Bates, the 91-year-old woman the Guinness Book of World Records identifies as the Oldest Yoga Teacher in the World (click here to watch the story).

Bernice is living a fascinating life, still motivated to keep herself in great shape and to help others attain it. But is she really the oldest?

Growing Bolder has found someone five years older! Her name is Adela Choquet, and at the age of 96, she teaches a one-hour class three times a week at one of the largest and most vibrant senior communities in the nation, The Villages, Florida.

We first met her five years ago, and discovered that she’s still teaching classes today!

Adela’s goal is to keep teaching until she turns 100. Perhaps by then, the Guinness Book of World Records will get it right!